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Summer 2013 Update

Dear Friends,

The big happening of the summer here at New Day South was the readying and move to our 2nd foster home facility. The children are all settled in now - the older seven living downstairs in the new apartment, and the little ones enjoying the new-found peace and quiet in our first apartment.

Never a dull moment downstairs with this bunch!

We are so grateful for those who helped with the initial expense of the new facility. We were especially heartened to see those in our local community coming forward to help (it takes quite a bit to outfit a home for up to 10 toddlers!)

The kids are especially happy to have their own school room now!

With the two facilities up and running now, we hope to be caring for 20 or more children by next spring. The next step is to find, hire and train additional caregivers so that we can begin to bring in more children. (We have always maintained a low 3-to-1 child to caregiver ratio to insure that the children have the personal attention they need.)

One of the ways we are enabled to meet this additional expense is through our monthly child sponsorship and room sponsorship programs. This is also a great way to "connect" with our children since child sponsors receive monthly updates written by our caregivers with current pictures of the children.

At the moment, 6 children need sponsors and 3 rooms in our new facility still need sponsors. If you would like to help in this way, visit our website to sign up as a child sponsor (scroll down to "ND South") or reply to this email for more information about becoming a room sponsor.

With more room upstairs now, both Lily and Sadie have started walking in the last couple of weeks!

We are so aware that this work can only be done through the generosity of our friends and supporters. Please know that your support, gifts and prayers are so appreciated and really do make a difference.


Doug Bush and the New Day South Team

Welcome, Charlie!
Another little baby arrived at the foster home in early July. Charlie has a serious GI defect and was probably born premature.

Charlie really needs our prayers right now as he fights for life.  His condition has stabilized in recent days, but he remains in critical condition.

Zai Jian, Dani!
We never like to say goodbyes, but the time finally came for Dani to return to her home town.   Dan-Dan's energetic, bubbly personality really livened things up at the foster home, and we will certainly miss her.

Did you know?  
New Day has a long history of providing on-site assistance to the orphanages we work with. Through the generosity of a Hong Kong company and a group of its employees, we were able to provide much needed equipment to three of our partner orphanages.

Sally is doing great after her recent surgery. We can't wait to see her starting to crawl and walk in the months to come. Sadie's getting ready for her surgery next month. You can keep up with this little sweetheart's progress on ourFacebook page.  Matthew will also be  headed back to the hospital in a month or so to take the next step in his road to health. Gotta love that smile!

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