There is a lot of joy in these three weeks, but it is a deep joy. It is not just the joy of seeing the Great Wall and the Forbidden City and shopping for funky suits, weird watches and indescribable doodads; it is a joy of doing something important, and of doing it together in a powerful community. We will be truly sad to leave this place, with its babies, caregivers, students, volunteers and staff, and our lives are bound to be changed when we return to our communities at home.

Greg, Team Leader

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Beijing New Day Arts & Crafts Company (New Day Creations) was founded in 1993 with the goal to improve lives through providing jobs, exhibiting honesty and integrity in a business setting. It's New Day's core value to pay employees a fair wage, provide safe working conditions, and offer helpful training for employees in finance, marriage, parenting and other meaningful life classes. In 1997 the company moved to its current location, a small village on the outskirts of Beijing. The company creates a variety of products, primarily gift items, tourist products, magnets and figurines.

In keeping with the original goal to improve people's lives, New Day has expanded into three additional forms of outreach: the New Day Foster Home, the New Day Learning Center, and New Day Volunteer Services.

New Day Foster Home, begun in 2000, provides surgical and medical care for orphaned children from around China who have medical special needs. After completing treatment, New Day cares for the children at our Foster Home until they are adopted. The Foster Home also manages outreach projects to orphanages throughout China and provides meaningful volunteer opportunities to anyone with a heart for orphans.

Founded in 2004, the New Day Learning Center is the newest addition to New Day Creations. While many Chinese people have studied English for many years and can read and write very well, they often lack the necessary oral skills needed to have a basic conversation. The primary focus of our English program is oral communication. Students are college aged and older and they come and live here for one of our four month semesters or summer / winter sessions.

New Day Volunteer Services exists to serve all aspects of New Day Creations as well as the local community. This department facilitates all the foreign groups and individuals who come to volunteer at New Day. The primary goal of our Volunteer Services is to help volunteers become a part of the work being done at New Day while also getting to experience living in a foreign country. Work for volunteers typically involves working at the foster home or assisting with the learning center. Volunteer Services also coordinates outreach projects in the community, such as assistance to the elderly, handicapped and poor.

This is an exciting time to be living and working in China. Many people from around the world are interested in coming to serve. New Day Creations gives people opportunities to volunteer their time while also learning how to live in China. Our desire is for our visitors to use their gifts and talents to bless the people in our community. We also welcome anyone who would simply like to come for a visit and just observe the work being done.

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